Friday, December 31, 2010

22nd Giveaway Milkmademomma

 And the winner is....
Rebecca Lord Mann

Milkmademomma is giving away a lovely 1.5 ounce jar of WoollyMomma Lanolin Solid.
Use this creamy, pure lanolin for wool washings, breast or lip care, or on dry baby skin! Lanolin is an amazing natural substance which comes from sheeps wool. Not only is it a wonderful moisturizer, it has antimicrobial qualities and is the closest thing to the skins' own natural oils!
Indeed, no one does it better than Nature itself!

In order to enter "Like" them on facebook here MilkMadeMomma . Check out Milkmademomma on Etsy here milkmademomma. And be sure to fill out the form below.

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