Wednesday, December 29, 2010

10th Giveaway Momto3qties Cloth Pads

And the winner is....
Vicki Beauchamp

Momto3qties is giving away this handmade cloth menstrual pad set - one pantiliner and one maxi pad.  The pantiliner is made of flannel and has a warm n natural soaker sewn inside.  It is an AIO pad with a pocket in the back for an optional insert.  The maxi pad is also made of flannel but has a microfiber soaker sewn in with a layer of waterproof material also sewn in to prevent/minimize leaks.  It is also an AIO pad.  They are both sewn with high quality 100% polyester thread to prevent wicking and fasten with poly resin snaps. She  would like to offer a 5% discount to your fans by using coupon code GIVEAWAY1 - this is valid for 5% off their entire order from my etsy page.
In order to enter "Like" them on facebook here Momto3qties-Cloth-Pads . Check out their etsy shop and be sure to fill out the form below.

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